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Suddenly, anyway, why all this? while I...

Hooman Sharifi


Verket ingick i I'll Never Let You Go (Panacea festival)

Jungelhunde om Suddenly, anyway, why all this? while I...:

Discussing man, and mankind’s loneliness, Hooman Sharifi, by and for himself, created the solo-performance ”Suddenly...”, loosely based on Samuel Becket’s ”texts for nothing”

Being alone together, the loneliness of society or the reserved insecurity of intimacy shapes the foundation for thoughts presented in a close and personal form, where the audience active participates in the performer’s development.

Placed in different sections on the stage, and with Sharifi wandering among them, the audience is presented to the thoughts of the alienated, the stranger, not familiar with human social mind and system.

Intertwining Becket’s text with his own story, Sharifi uses music, dance, conversing with the audience and pictures from his childhood projected on the wall to tell about the relationship between father and son.

Both becomes each others guiding points in the search for intimacy, and through the physical fall of Sharifi, the audience experience the frustration of his futile attempt to break with innate social patterns and rules.

The performance becomes all a son wants to bring his father the moment he is left alone.

- ”I was my father and I was my son”.