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Den Danske Konungen / Fame International

Nature, som denna gång var utrustad med en bruksbeskrivning över de 62 namngivna stegen, ingick i festivalen Panacea Petit: I.E. This is performance.

Fame International’s  most recent creation Nature is  a choreographic proposal which open for how contemporary society interpret and relate to conventional dichotomies between nature and culture. Are we today facing an increased distance to nature or can recent development of media, technology and thinking also be consist of new approaches to connections between nature and culture, body and mind, singularity and multiplicity. Is nature an abstract machine, abstract yet real and individual, which groups together an infinity of particles entering into an infinity of connections. Is there a unity in nature which applies equally to the inanimate and the animate, the artificial and the natural, like a plane upon which everything is laid out, like intersections of all forms, the machine of all functions. Connections that increase with those of the of the multiplicities of individuals it cuts through, where matters are distinguished from one and other only by their speed and slowness.

“Nature “ is a choreography that does not seek the unity of substance but the infinity of the modifications that are part of one another on the unique plane of life.

Fame International offers an evening where conventions of the body and is movements are ridiculed with a deep sense of generosity. Here a animals, seaweed and performers play equal parts, presence and absence are confused as well as notions of organisation, coherence and superficiality, however always shared with the audience with an intense sincerity.

Fame International has since a number of years established a high reputation on the international performance arena, through a unique language completely crazy concepts and absolute misunderstandings of integrity, shame and openness.

 Swedish collective Fame International offer with their most recent choreography Nature” an experience that opens new doors to the understanding of conventional dichotomies between nature and culture. Working on how our understanding of nature always is allegorical, Fame International, travels deep into the forests of cliché, brings the audience with them on an adventure tour á la Jules Verne, returning to the theatre with a notion that nature offers a notion of becoming and an open plane of multiplicity modification. Fame International crosses out the nature to be able to find it again, but this time what we find is a monster, a cute one, that with a big smile says “yes” to the ridiculous mistakes of modern western culture. Fame International allows nature to be nature, with giving it names, pressing it into reservations, nature films and popular ecology. “Nature “ is a choreography and the healthy side of a natural catastrophe.

Fame International has over few years established a unique language, deconstructing performance, pointing towards the politics of the stage, making a witty and generous comment on some precious concept of individuality, integrity and shame.