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My Hat

Double Culture

En existentialistisk performance om Identitet-Anknytning-Vänskap inspirerat ur utvecklingspsykologiska antaganden.  Our mission is to market the identity of Double Culture people and positively position them within society. A simple documentary performance, that illustrates Double Culture intelligence. Double Culture comes with all the experience and knowledge gained by anyone who lives within two cultures. Double culture gives this knowledge an identifiable image that helps to strengthen people’s self-respect and status. Identity-Belonging-Friendship Everyone talks about identity and to be exact we have included a number of understandings. However that which is essential is the result of how we are effected when we find ourselves in different environments. Few human beings find existence positive without a sense of belonging. Belonging is achieved by reflection, mostly by other human beings. In a life of over stimulation and under contact Double Culture has a clear roll to play. To demonstrate a self evaluation that is built upon concrete facts and making people realise the worth of double culture experience. The conscious feeling of having a personal identity is based upon two continuous observations: ones existence has a place and relation in time and space and one can also observe that others are aware of this. (Erik Homburger Eriksson, 1977). Stycket visades i Dans och Performancefestivalen Under my Feet.